Friday, July 6, 2007

Inspired to Clean

I participated in an ephemera swap in the FairiesElves group. We were assigned partners and my partner, Debbie, sent an unbelieveable box of stuff! There is so much in there, that I had to make a place for all of it and ended up spending the whole day cleaning and orgainizing "the room". Found stuff I'd forgotten all about. Debbie sent some beautiful fabrics, vintage things, charms..just so cool! Tonight, I'm going to go thru my paper scrap box and thin that out a little bit. Who knows what's hiding in there!

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Nana2four said...

I need an inspiration to clean. I SHOULD have one with Jack and Susan coming next week.... Nah, they love me, they don't expect much....It's too hot to clean anyway....I'd only have to use the air conditioning more....Whew!! It's work just trying to think up an excuse!!
Love the blog...You go girl!! One of these days, I'm gonna get computer literate......